Friday, January 27, 2012

Intro to the world of a fetishist

As long as I can remember, the female abdomen has attracted me. Perhaps it started in 1993, when the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers debuted on TV and Amy Jo Johnson, who played Kimberly the Pink Ranger, frequently bared hers. It was my first exposure to a woman's navel, and seemed to open up a whole new world to me.

As the navel-happy '90s wore on, the fetish only intensified. Of course piercings came into popularity because of the Aerosmith video "Cryin'," where Alica Silverstone has her's done, and girls weren't going to stick a piece of metal through their navel just to keep it covered. Unpierced navels had pletny of visibility too, however. Perhaps the second early fetish influence came in 1997's Batman and Robin, when Uma Thurman (Poison Ivy) became to date the only actress to show hers in a live-action Batman movie. For those that have seen Uma's navel, you know how uniquely sexy it is.

Celebs weren't the only ones fueling my sexually-charged facination with the female stomach, however. As I reached the 8th grade and then high school, a number of female students deliberately broke the "no-midriff" rule my district held for girls. One of the sexiest rule-skirts came in the form of a burgandy polo that reached the waist - except for a triangle cutout that bared the navel. Its wearer kept her knotted outie belly button hidden from view of teachers by holding her books down in front of her stomach while walking down the hall, but once in the classroom she freely showed it.

By the time I graduated high school, I had probably seen close to if not more than 100 of my female peers' navel. I'd also found, through the glory of Google, a number of pics of celebrity and non-celebrity women. Porn didn't seem to interest me nearly as much as a woman in a sexy, belly-baring outfit.

It was around this time that the darker side of my fetish began to rear its head. I began to fantasize about evil women being shot, stabbed, or otherwise fatally wounded via their navel. It helped that I discovered the world of snuff art, which featured scenes that could have come right out of my fantasies generated by computer programs. My favorite particular artist similarly had a navel fetish with a violent side to it. Most of the killers were women themselves, creating an Amazonian-like atmosphere.

Two years aftr graduating high school, I met my first girlfriend online. I kept the fetish hidden from her for a time, but she finally caught on after a few vague comments by me. She quickly embraced all facets of it, including the violent side. She bought a capgun, intending for me to use it on her when we finally met in person, saying "I'm not afraid to let you blast a cap in my navel." She took 50+ photos of her posing in the mirrow with various navel-baring outfits (generally my favorite, the knotted shirt), often holding the gun to her navel as an added bonus. One night, she sent a photo that showed a close up of what appeared to be her navel, bloodied, then sent a full-body shot of her, posing as though she were dead, having been shot. Two other women have similarly done the "dead bitch with the bloody navel" photo, utilizing simple ketchup, with similar sexy results to the original.

Three years later, I met another woman, who became the first to allow me to kiss and lick her navel. The chance to finally taste what I'd dreamed of for years was exhilerating. It was just as sexy as I'd dreamed, placing my mouth to her stomach and kissing, licking, and sucking at it.

My navel fetish is about as strong as ever now, though more conservative trends in the last decade makes public viewings rarer and rarer. I still welcome any opportunity to see the abdomen of a female acquaintance, a celebrity, or a total stranger. Big or small, they turn me on like a flip of a switch. I look forward to my next opportunity to orally explore a woman's navel, and I look forward to bringing you into my world, the world of a navel fetishist.